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Enterprise Resource Planning – Business Management

Enterprise Resource Planning – Business Management

Enterprise Resource Planningsmall businesses and major companies are switching over to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to keep track of all aspects of their business including inventory and finances. For those familiar with QuickBooks software, the Enterprise Resource Planning system is like an upgraded global version that supersedes the capability of QuickBooks as it has the capability to handle large amounts of data while also being able to keep track of all inventory, even with worldwide locations, to keep it all in one place.  This is ideal for growing businesses that may have multiple locations and are looking for ways to better manage their business model. Although the Enterprise Resource Planning system can also be used for smaller businesses it is only cost effective by utilizing a free Open ERP system that can be time consuming and requires the use of some knowledge of code to get it up and running but does have the use of forums to use the knowledge of those who have already been through the process.

Enterprise Resource Planning – Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning saves time and money after the ERP implementation but should be seen as a long term commitment to see the results.  At the moment a full Enterprise Resource Planning system is not as cost effective for small business due to its high initial cost but there are options that allow for only part of the system to be used that might be more specific to the particular needs of some small business.  The system is now in use by the United States Navy to keep track of over four hundred thousand line items that include parts, repair, aircraft, vehicles, weapons, and everything that accrues cost within the Navy.  This even includes employee labor hours and every piece of information can be seen in one place.  This makes the decision making process much more effective as important decisions can be made quickly since all the necessary information can be viewed at a glance.

Enterprise Resource Planning – Global Capabilities

The ability to see every piece of vital information to a business with the Enterprise Resource Planning system, even across multiple locations around the world, saves time and money by allowing everything to be seen at once.  The ERP system also helps to minimize the possibility of mistakes with manual entries and can keep track of inventory across global markets.  Some ERP implementation has failed for smaller businesses and they are advised to look into the Enterprise resource Planning system more carefully before going all in as the initial cost can be pretty high and other options become more complicated.  For growing businesses and larger companies the Enterprise Resource Planning system has proven to be a great success.

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